Red Sands

A Royal Summons

12th August 1889

“Well things seem to be going our way for once” said Sebastian, as they returned from their audience with the Prince.

The Prince had announced (via his interpreter, Kalamir), his intention to send an envoy to the British at Syrtis Makor. He would supply a caravan and guards to escort Kalamir and the group across the Nepenthes -Thoth Steppe to Meepsor, from whence they could move along the canal to Syrtis Major. The trip would take an esimated 40 days, and would cross desert. The British were a little concerned by this, but Rani assured Lady Glossop, that unlike “you children”, this would not likely pose a challenge for the Martians.

The caravan was due to depart in two dys.



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