Red Sands


24th August 1889

The ruumet breehr seeemd skittish. Wiiso seemed worried and warned Lady Glossop to inform her companions to be on the alert for more steppe tigers. She rode over to Henry and passed on the word.

Marko was a terrible rider, and was travelling in one of the howdahs: Lay Glossop and the others were mounted on gashants however, with which they were now getting familiar.

Around mid-morning, Kalamir dismounted from his beast and walked a while to stretch his legs, just prior to the midday break. As the ruumet breehr stood about, a herd of eegaar
broke out from cover near the front of the caravan.

The ruumet breehr paniced, rearing up, and fleeing straight ahead, their wagons in tow. The riders tried desperately to clam the beasts down, but not before one driver had fallen off and was trampled, along with one of the guards. Marko too had been dislodged, but fortunately had managed to roll clear.

The gashant riders scattered and then tried to head off the lumbering beasts, hauling their terrified passengers. Eventually they were brought under control.

Henry frowned, and circle the area: he wasn’t exactly sure, but he might have heard a shot prior to the stampede. Which meant either that they were being shadowed, or they had a traitor among them..



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