Red Sands


10th August 1889

Thoth reminded Sebastian somewhat of Indian Palaces he had seen; probably more so because they had entered what was seemingly a private and exclusive canal branch leading into the grounds of the Royal Palace.

Here the were beset by flunkies, and as the Princes was whisked off they were shown to a house in pleasant gardens which was to be their temporary residence. One of their servants spoke broken English, and she explained that they were now guests of the Prince, and would be sent for in due course.

Baths and clean clothing were a pleasant change after their trials. The clothing was martian of course. While Lady Glossop and Esmeralda admired the selection of martian female finery, Sebastian complained that he now looked like something out of a Pirate romance: still – it was better than the rags they had been wearing.

Rani scorned the canal martian finery, taking only a few simple kilts and tunics to replace worn items of her own raiment, including a few brightly coloured scarves. She seemed to sniff slightly at the martian servants.


I added £100 to everyone’s characters, which is what the Prince pays you.

When you get to Syrtis Major you will need to spend money on new wardrobes, weapons etc. Assume earth weapons cost 100% more, and we should do it in session as availbility might be restricted.


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