The Choker Ingenious Injecter Bracelet



This ingenious device was invented by the twisted genius Doctor Melchisedek Choker. By taking an action it injects customised drugs to heal or quicken the reactions of the combatant. The original device has been modified and now has one used slot:

HEALING SERUM: Power Points: 3, Range: Touch, Duration: Instant (10 PP)

Healing repairs recent bodily damage. It must be used within the “Golden Hour,” though, for it has no effect on wounds more than one hour old. For Wild Cards, each use of the healing spell removes a wound with a success, two with a raise. The roll suffers a penalty equal to the victim’s wounds (in addition to any the caster might be suffering himself). For Extras, the GM must first determine if the ally is dead (see Aftermath on page 78). If so, no healing may be attempted. If not, a successful arcane skill roll returns the ally to the game Shaken. Healing can also cure poison and disease if used within 10 minutes of the event

The Device has a capacity of 10PP per drug for a user with the Arcane Background (Weird Science) Edge. Someone without this has one dose of Adrenal Booster and one Dose of Heal Serum. Any use requires a successful use of the Weird Science skill.

Anyone with the Arcane Background (Weird Science) edge can recharge the device using preparations costing one shilling per PP. These must have been prepared in advance.


The Choker Ingenious Injecter Bracelet

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