A Society of Explorers

Operating under the aegis of the British Association for the Advancement of Science (BA), the Explorer’s Society has been gaining traction in recent years as the primary source of information on the various exotic locales of our Solar System.

With a recent influx of new adventurers, scientists, and aeronauts, the Society is poised to cultivate nothing less than a latter-day scientific and cultural renaissance. Still, much of the Explorer’s Society remains wedded to the concept of the Society as a brotherhood and Old Boys’ Club first and foremost, and a scientific clearinghouse second.

Clashes between aristocrat Explorers and those of lower status—increasingly admitted to the Society on the basis of their talents rather than their blood—occur with greater and greater frequency. Some see this as necessary progress, other view it as an aberration from the established social order and buck the trend any chance they get.

Called “Section X” by those who are in the know, the Explorer’s Society keeps a low profile despite its recent recruitment campaign. This is necessary to protect the Society’s members from scrutiny. For the most part, the concern is mere privacy. With the rise of revolutionary cults and subversive organizations on Mars, a modicum of secrecy is crucial to protect the very lives of the Society’s operatives.

Several Explorers have been lost in the Asteroid Belt, the steppes and highlands of Mars, and even in remote locations on Earth, such as the Libyan Desert. After years of inaction, the Explorer’s Society has revised its policies extensively. It is no longer just a society of researchers; instead its members are resolved to stand against the forces of ignorance, superstition, and violence. Faced with such would-be despots, they hold aloft the torch—the light of Knowledge—yet stand ready with the sword.

A Society of Explorers

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