Crash Survival

You have enough full ration food and water for one day.

The only survival skills are Sebastian (d4) and Henry (d6). A successful Survival roll each day
provides enough food and water for one person, or enoughr five with a raise.

Hunger : Humans need approximately one pound of food every 24 hours. If sufficient sustenance isn’t available, a character begins to suffer from severe hunger. Starting the first day after the meal was missed, the character must make a Vigor roll. Subtract 2 if the hero has less than half the required amount of food. Failure means the character gains a Fatigue level. After the first day, the character must roll for hunger every 12 hours, and thirst every 6 hours.

• Recovery: At least a pound of decent food allows a character to recover a Fatigue level every hour, or every 12 hours if he reached Incapacitated.
• Incapacitation Effects: A character Incapacitated by hunger dies 3d6 hours later.

Heat : Intense heat, typically that over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, can cause heat exhaustion and heat stroke, both of which are very dangerous. The actual danger is from dehydration,
so well-supplied and conscientious characters can greatly improve their chances in extreme heat simply by carrying a good amount of water and drinking frequently. When the temperature reaches 90 degrees or more, the GM should pay attention to how much water characters are able to drink. If they are able to drink at least four quarts of water a day, they may be tired and sunburned, but are in no immediate danger. If that amount of water isn’t available, characters must make Vigor rolls every four hours. Subtract two from the roll if the hero has half the water he needs, and subtract 4 if he has less than half. Failure means the character gains one level of Fatigue.

• Subtract 1 from the roll for each additional 5 degrees above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
• Add +1 if the hero stops all physical activity.
• Add +1 to the roll if the character has substantial shade.
• Recovery: A victim who receives sufficient water recovers one Fatigue level every hour.
• Incapacitation Effects: An Incapacitated character suffers heat stroke and may suffer brain damage. Make a Vigor roll. If the roll is failed, the victim’s Smarts and Strength decrease by one step permanently (to a minimum of d4).

We will assume non Wild Cards can take 2 Fatigue Pts.

Land Travel by Foot or Mount: A creature or character’s Base Speed is half its Pace in
miles per hour, with a minimum of ½ mile per hour. A human with a Pace of 6, for example, walks about 3 miles per hour. Groups move at the speed of their slowest member. Fatigue
and Encumbrance penalties don’t normally modify Pace, but the Game Master may choose to apply them when calculating overland movement rates if it’s dramatically appropriate.

Ground Speed Terrain Type is Easy with no penalty, so your movement is a normal 3 mph. However a few people, including Marko are wounded, so we reduce this to 2.5 mph.

You have additional choices:

Walk for up to 8 hours no problem.

Walk for 10 hours requires END +1 rolls or take 1 FT.

Walk for up to 12 hours requires END rolls or take 1 FT.

ALL characters will need to make these rolls.

Any character getting wounds/ FT totalling 3 for a wild card, or 2 for anyone else can’t go any further. Harsh choices.

Anyone with Bennies left over from the last session may use these.

Crash Survival

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