Effects of "Gravity"

Not all worlds have gravity similar to Earth. Mars’s gravitational pull is about 90% of Earth’s, Mercury’s is 40%, and Luna’s is a mere 16%. Asteroids are found to have miniscule gravity. In practical terms, this increases the carrying capacity of a character from Earth on these worlds without penalty (albeit the GM may suspend this for awkward or bulky items).

Earthmen (and Venusians, since Venus has roughly the same gravity as Earth) on Mars increase their load limit by 10 lbs., receive +1 on Strength checks, +1 Strength-based damage, +1” to vertical leaps, and +2” to horizontal jumps.

Martians on Earth experience the opposite effect (–10 lbs. load, –1 Strength checks, –1 to Strength-based damage, –1” from vertical leaps and –2” from horizontal jumps).

On Mercury, these chaps double their load limit, double the Strength die for melee damage, double all Strength check results, gain +2” on vertical leaps, and +4” on long jumps. Coordinated maneuvering, on the other hand, is more difficult due to the body being unaccustomed to decreased resistance. All Agility checks are made at –2 for the first week on Mercury. Martians receive the same benefits.

On Luna, Earthmen and Venusians triple their load limits, Strength die on melee damage, and Strength checks, plus they add +4” to vertical leaps and +8” to broad jumps. Agility checks are made at –4 for the first week on Luna,–2 for the second week, and return to normal the third week. Martians receive the same benefits. Lunarians do not travel to other worlds, as they would have a hard time even breathing without special aid.

Derelict ships without power, asteroids, and other objects adrift in the ether have very little gravity. Such environments let a person carry five times his normal load limit—very clumsily . All Agility checks are made at –4. Strength damage is unmodified, but all Strength checks are increased to five times the result rolled. Leaping is not advised, as there is not enough gravity to keep a person from spinning off into the ether.

Exposure to the ether is not automatically harmful. Treat the character as if holding breath to avoid drowning, and refer to the Drowning rules in Savage Worlds. Moving in the ether is like swimming in calm water and uses the Swimming skill. With access to sufficient oxygen (perhaps supplied by some enterprising inventor’s useful device) and food, a castaway might survive in the vast reaches of the ether for a long time. Tall tales exist of survivors found drifting weeks, or even years, after their craft were destroyed, but such tales have not been confirmed by any reliable source.

Effects of "Gravity"

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