Oenotrian Empire

This is actually the Six Cities League of Oenotria, Astrapsk, Crocea, Deltoton, Lapygia, and Skorosia. Everyone else refers to it as the Oenotrian Empire because the Oenotrian nobles control the decision-making of their five affiliates.

The headquarters, and for all practical purposes the capital, of the Six Cities League, Oenotria is bustling with activity and a bit of apprehension. The Oenotrian advance toward Avenel is lagging, and diverting forces toward the Syrtis Major Canal front is impeding the
campaign further. Oenotria’s large air fleet suffered severely against the long-range guns of the British fleet, and only a nearly three-to-one advantage helped even the odds a bit.

Astrapsk is pressing the British to defend two canals, the Astrapsk force is not able to deal with the charging British juggernaut under British General Wood, forcing Oenotria to dispatch more heavy weapons its way.

The Anglo-Oenotrian War began due to Oenotrian fears that the British might conquer the Astusapes Highlands or Shistomik Mountains. Both areas are major suppliers of Ironwood and it would give the British an economic choke hold over the Oenotrian Empire. A desire to liberate Avenel, and its historical ties to Oenotria, also played a major part in their decision. They won a couple of battles during the first few weeks but the tide quickly turned once the British mobilized. The Oenotrians have been pushed back on all fronts and now are on the defensive.

Despite heavily outnumbering the British, the Oenotrians have become a bit “gun-shy” after facing the brutal forty-five caliber Martini-Henry rifle a few times. The cannon, howitzers, and machine guns of the British have inflicted great casualties on the Oenotrians as well.

Oenotrian Empire

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