Q Section

Lady Glossop now has access to Q Section on Mars. For herself (only) she can use favours to ‘buy’ special gear. If she uses this to supply special Agency equipment to others she will rapidly find this privelege removed.

She can spend favours as follows:

1 Standard Gear (1 Favour):

For 1 favour she can buy any gun or set of armor or standard gear. Note that civilian armor sets available are:

Lined Coat (wt 10): a reinforced jacket disguised as civilian wear gives +1 armor to arms and torso. A Bodice/ waistcoat varient protects the torso only and weighs 8 lbs.

Reinfored Waistcoat/ Bodice (15 lbs): +2 armor to torso only

2 Advanced Gear (2 Favour).

Currently 3 options (more will be added as she progresses):

a) Woven Steel Waistcoat/ Bodice (4 lbs): gives +4 armor to torso only, disguised.

b) Sleep Gas Phial (1 lb): Extremely reactive liquid that vaporizes into gas when exposed to air, and causes unconsciousness within seconds if inhaled, unless passing a Vigor check. The gas needs a successful Reliability roll to vaporize properly, and with a raise the Vigor check is at –2. It covers one Medium Burst Template per ounce.

c) Advanced Pistol (3 lbs): (12/24/48; 2d6; RoF 1; Shots 8; AP 1. A strip clip fed magazine pistol. Not as concealable as a Bulldog except in a shoulder holster beneath a coat.

In addition Lady Glossop can pay 2 favour to Q Section Artificers to construct devices for her e.g. a spare or Improved Choker bracelet. Providing Q Section with captured gadgets will also earn her favour.

3 Q Section Special Gear (3 favour).

These are all power gadgets with 5 PP. Upon purchase 1 PP can be added per additional favour spent. HOWEVER, these devices do not ‘regenerate PP’ and so ‘burn out’ once PP are used up.

a) Magneto Static Bodice/ Waistcoat (4 lbs): gives Armor +1. Deflect Power.

b) Mercury Boots (2 lbs): Speed Power

c) Thanatos Goggles (1 lb): Dark Vision Power

Q Section

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