Ruumet Breehr


Ruumet Breehr is unlike anything ever seen on Earth. Ponderous but insanely strong, the beast has the best carrying capacity of any land animal ever domesticated.


Agility: d4, Smarts d6 (A), Spirit d6, Strength d12+10, Vigor d12.


Guts d6, Notice d6. Pace: 6; Parry: 2; Toughness: 16 (1)

Special Abilities:

• Armor + 1 : Thick hide.
• Hardy: The massive ruumet breehr suffers no wound from Shaken results if it is already Shaken.
• Huge: + 4 to all attack rolls against a ruumet breehr.
• Nearsighted: The behemoth relies on a slightly above-average olfactory and suffers a –2 to Notice anything beyond 5”.
• Size + 7: ruumet breehr weighs between 1.5 and 2 tons and is 14 feet tall.
• Slow: Ruumet breehr are notoriously sluggish. They roll a d4 when running, and attempts to guide them in any direction but a straight line requires a Riding skill roll at –2.
• Trample: When panicked or simply driven forward, ruumet breehr bull over what is before them. All creatures in its path must make an Agility check or take Str + d12 damage from the trample. Structures just have to survive the impact.

Ruumet Breehr

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