Syrtis Major

Syrtis Major is the British Crown colony on Mars. It was always powerful but was not ready to face Earth’s rapid firing guns and augmented cannons. Now the Imperial Residency of Commissioner-Regent and Colony Governor

Lord Dundas oversees this seven-canal junction. The Mars Explorer’s Society clubhouse is located in the large British Quarter. Other points of interest include the ruins of the Old
Palace (abutting the smaller Emerald Palace), the Legation Compound, the enormous Syrtis Major Shipyard, the Old and New Barracks, the Harbor District, and the crowded Syrtis Major Bazaar.

The present war has unsettled the residents and spy scares seem to be daily fare. With the population being mostly Martian, many Earthmen believe they hol d deep resentments
against the colonists and are a word away from revolting.

L*egation Compound:* The compound is surrounded by a low wall and houses diplomatic representations from a host of nations. The following nations have full embassies: the Empire of Germany, the Republic of France, the United States of America, and the Empire of Russia. The following nations maintain consulates of less-than-full embassy status: the Kingdom of Italy, the Empire of Austria-Hungary, the Kingdom of Spain, the Kingdom of Portugal, the Kingdom of Holland, the Holy See, and the King of Siam.

Syrtis Major

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