Red Sands


31st August 1889

The next morning they rode out, without success, to see if the High Martians had perhaps deposited Kalamir to some ground bound allies in the vicinity. It was late afternoon when they returned, and something was clearly wrong.

Marko and the civilians were sat around rubbing their heads; they all seemed rather ill. All of the martian guards were dead – poisoned it would seem. Except for Wiiso, who was missing along with several gashants and two rumeet breehr.

“Looks like Wiiso is our traitor” said Lady Glossop.

“Not much we can do about it now” said Henry. “Lucky for you Rani that you were with us. The poison seems to have killed all the martians, but only made the earth people ill”

“What about he missing rumeet breehr?” said Sebastian.

“I imagine he’s just scattered them” said Henry. “I doubt we can control more than two anyway, but we should try to find them to get any supplies we need, and to unhitch their wagon from them.”



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