Red Sands

Important Men in Important Suits

29th September 1889

Red Sands is now on hold for a while – likely till Spring 2016

“Is there anything else Appleby?” asked the Governer. “I’ve got a game of croquet in half an hour”

“Just one more item my Lord. The party from Meepsor should be arriving tomorrow. With Lady Glossop, and the envoy from Thoth.”

“Ah yes, Lady Glossop. She had no inkling I take it of her promotion to 00 status?”

“No my Lord.” replied Appleby. “The F.O. only sent the authorisation after she had set out for Mars. I imagine they thought it might be useful for us to have a more flexible agent out here; after all, we don’t have so many.”

“Have a word with Major Marsters: he’ll need to brief her tomorrow. Get her to meet Q, and so on.”

“Yes my Lord”.

“Funny”, continued the Governer, “I read though her file and thought she’s already been involved in some…. prejudicial operation with that business in Syria. I’d assumed she already had 00 status.”

“Ah no My Lord. That was, how can I put it? Improvisational? And as it got the administration out of a hole she only got her wrists slapped mildly. This will make it official.”

“Very good.” continued the Governer. “And this business with Thoth might be a bit of a windfall eh? Anyway, I need to change for my game.”

“Your flannels are laid out next door Sir”

“Top hole Appleby. What would I do without you?”


Remember that you have lost luggage, weapons etc. Spend money to replace stuff

Important Men in Important Suits

The following passengers survived:

The Captain
Engineer (Mr. Soames)
One crewman (Bates)
Lady Von Ritter
Mr Robards
Mr Friendly

These give you a total of 16 favour to divide up, plus a total of 5 for rescuing the Princess, 3 for the Princes mission, and 3 from the FO.

Total favour gained is thus 27 points divided as follows:

Lady Glossop +5
Bertie + 4
Sebastian +4
Henry +4
Marko +4
Esmeralda +3
Rani +3

I have added these to character sheets.

Lady Glssop: refer to ‘Q Section’ wiki for additional options of favour.

Important Men in Important Suits

Please update character sheets also: Henry’s is especially out of dte with regard to advances. He says he spent his 20 xp advance but its not recorded below what it was.

Important Men in Important Suits

Note that in Syrtis Major Ladies/ Gentleman’s outfitters can make the following:

Lined Coat (wt 10): a reinforced jacket disguised as civilian wear gives +1 armor to arms and torso. A Bodice/ waistcoat varient protects the torso only and weighs 8 lbs. Cost £3 vest// £5 coat

Reinforced Waistcoat/ Bodice (15 lbs): +2 armor to torso only. Cost £ 10

Important Men in Important Suits

OK, Lady Glossop does what she does best…shopping.

Woven Steel Bodice (4 lbs): gives +4 armor to torso only, disguised. (Favor=2)
Advanced Pistol (3 lbs): (12/24/48; 2d6; RoF 1; Shots 8; AP 1. A strip clip fed magazine pistol. Not as concealable as a Bulldog except in a shoulder holster beneath a coat. (Favor=2)
Thanatos Goggles (1 lb): Dark Vision Power (Favor=3)

5 Favor left. First off she would like to use as much Favor and cash on hand to recharge Dr. Chokers Ingenious Injector Bracelet to a full 3 uses of Healing Serum and 3 uses of Adrenal Booster.

Any cash left over will go to re-equipping her wardrobe and bringing it back to the cutting edge of fashion (for Martian standards), what use is her beauty if she can’t really smear it in the face of all the ugly people {looking at you, Marco!}. Also she would like to gain another set of Lockpicks (0 wt), a Poison/Detection kit (10LB) and a Poison/Detection port.lab (80LB)

I suggest we aid Esmeralda Bottoms in examining the Syrtis Major museum display of Martian pottery that has the same hieroglyphics as the Scroll Of Anubis…the whole reason for coming to Mars. IF the results of her studies lead us back into the hinterlands to find more information about the pottery then…

Any Favor left over she would like to use to influence the Governor of Syrtis Major to lend a few Gashant riding cavalrymen and supplies to accompany us into the savage red sands of Mars to discover the link between the Scroll and the pottery.

Important Men in Important Suits

Ok adrenal booster in not available as an option – only whats listed.

The healing works differently now -you just have the 10 PP.. I think this takes a shilling per PP as per the rules. You might want to spend more to have spare recharges ‘in hand’.

Important Men in Important Suits

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