Red Sands

Return to London (1st November 1888: Noon)

1st November 1888: Noon

The group met for lunch at the Explorers Society,and considered their next course of action. It was agreed that Sebastian should deposit the documents they had discovered at his Bank for now, while they set to discovering the location of the Lady Henrietta.

Marko and Henry would pair up and use Marko’s familiarity with the docklands, while Lady Glossop and Sebastian would check out some of the locations frequented by Ships Officers, and the maritime civic institutions. Bertie suggested that he pursue some of his old maritime insurance contacts and see what they could turn up. All being well they would meet, or at least leave a message, back at the Explorer’s Society at 8pm.

After a long day they pooled their information later that evening. The Lady Henrietta was in fact a yacht privately owned by the German government. She was currently not in her moorings, but was due to collect passengers and sail back on the following evening at 7.30 pm, in order to arrive home for the Kaiser’s birthday celebrations, a matter widely reported in the British Press.

It was agreed that Marko and Bertie should procure nearby lodgings and await the return of the yacht. Meanwhile all they could do was wait.



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